Monday, October 08, 2007

Goldilocks and Article Length

What is the right length for content?

Readers' attention span varies by medium - print, online and blogs. Emailing with Tim Parry of Chief Marketer about an upcoming article we discussed a submission that was "WAY too long for the Web." This got us thinking about the 'ideal length'.

Here are my PowerPoints:
  • Blogs -- 100 words or less and focus on one point.
  • Online articles -- 600 to 800 words to communicate a single idea with support
  • Printed articles -- 1,200- 1,500 words to develop and explore a concept

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Avinash Kaushik said...

Anthony: My experience is that for blogs the optimal length depends on the context in which you blog is set and also the value delivered.

As a random example I routinely write 1200 - 1500 blog posts and yet they seem to work (in terms of audience growth or interaction via comments - typically my audience writes more words in comments than I do in the post!).

Just a thought.

PS: This was one of the most fantastic blog post titles: "Campaigning is Not Marketing". Thanks. :)