Friday, March 18, 2011

Rembering Is a Hard Thing to Do

Was that red A4 a six speed or an automatic?

There are several scenarios where choice is so complicated that we simply can't remember the facts of the options - real estate and buying cars come to mind.   In both scenarios we are usually looking at a collection of things over a period of time while we are out and about.  Since decisions are driven by emotions supported by facts, we need to combine research, tactile feel, and aspirational thoughts. 

  • We can research cars on comparative sites like Kelley Blue Book or a dealer's site but we don't know how it feels or how we'll feel.
  • We can test drive cars to get that guttural feel about a car's soul, but we're limited as to the research we can do on the lot and we're still missing the emotional connection that brand managers strive for.
  • We can read brochures or watch aspirational ads like Cadilac's 2009 spot for CTS featuring Kate Walsh, but we lack research and the touch and feel of steel and leather.
So, what if we could combine all of them together in a unique experience for customers?  Imagine customers being able to research specific cars on-line, drive it while reading reviews, and getting a reminder package at the end of the day that mixes facts, opinions and imagination.

Actually, it is quite possible.  

QR codes are a popular way of linking a physical object (or location) to information and content.  So, what if we remember which cars or houses you looked at (there will be an app for that) and combined the facts with branded assets to create a Brochure for 1.   Imagine a brochure from Bill Sattree's Toyota that included information on the cars you drove today - the FJ, Tundra, and Sequoia - delivered shortly after your visit to the lot.  

Would you exchange your contact information for a tailored set of content?