Thursday, October 18, 2007

Campaign Dips

What are the benefits of slogging through the tough patch?

In both Seth Godin's new book, "The Dip", and Chris Matthews' "Life's a Campaign" the central concept is about sticking with your dream/goal/objective and overcoming the hurdles thrown in your face; including the fact that most things take seriously hard work to achieve. The "Dip" argues that there is a trough between the beginning of something and a successful final outcome; "Campaign" argues that nobody wants a level playing field, no matter what they say. So, when launching a new campaign or product there is a very natural tendency for the world to conspire against you.

Sometimes it is worth the effort to persevere, sometimes it isn't.

"Superstars" know when they're in a dead end; they quit, move on and don't take it personally. Marketers should do the same.

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