Thursday, October 05, 2006

Marketing Hiring Practices

Have we closed the skills gap?

The need for analytic and technical skills has been argued for a while now.

Time - late 1998: In a CIO Magazine article entitled "Improving the Odds"

.... marketing takes a dominant role in shaping organizations' interactions with consumers. Marketing thus becomes the company's darling and the information systems (IS) department's new best friend. ... To rise to the challenge of leading the rest of the company into the new customer-centered paradigm, marketing must get itself in shape.

Time - early 2005: CMO Magazine (now disappeared) but cache is available. In an Editorial entitled "Eat Your Own Dog Food"..

What can Brown do for you? I don't know this Brown dude, but if he's good with either numbers or technology, hire him. CMOs need to expand the skill sets of their personnel if they want to increase the profile and the impact of marketing.

Time - this week: In Intelligent Enterprise on the topic of analytics (web in particular) :

The level of sophistication in using analytics tools runs the gamut.... A big part of the difference has to do with the way people think and their corporate culture. .... Left Brains Needed

We've made progress, but apparently not enough.

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