Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Envelope Please

Is the CMO is the new CIO

Ten to fifteen years ago the CIO had longevity similar to today’s CMO – about two years.
At that time there was a joke circulating around about what it took to succeed as a CIO.

A new CIO asks his predecessor for insight on how to be successful. The former CIO replies "when times get tough, open one of the 3 envelopes I left for you in the desk". Needless to say, times get rough so the CIO opens the first envelope and it says 'decentralize everything'. Things improve then degrade -- second envelope says 'centralize it all'. Things get better then fall apart -- third envelope says 'fill out three envelopes.'

Are branding and direct today's equivalents?

Like the IT dilemma, it is by no means an either or scenario -- but both. This point was repeatedly made at this years DMA.

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