Saturday, January 27, 2007

Social Content and Consumer Generated Networks

What are people doing online these days?

A recent replay of a webinar from Hitwise is worth 25 minutes of your time.

My take-a-ways:

1. Social networking and consumer generated content can not be ignored or passed-off as 'fad', 'just for teenagers' or any other excuse.

2. These forms drive traffic to and receive traffic from 'mainstream' sites (what ever we might think that is.) Money is spent before and after visiting these sites (getting money directly from these sites might be the next challenge - and it probably won't be a sale.)

3. Online video shifts consumption patterns. YouTube is both a distribution platform for new things and a clearinghouse for old things (particularly TV; I will use TIVO for things I know I want to watch and use YouTube for things I didn't know I wanted to watch)

4. Still very much in the early stages for experimentation so asking 'what ideas will work?' is the wrong question. A better question is: 'Did this idea work?'

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