Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting from A to B Online is Complex

What exists between Marketer and Consumer in the online world?

The short answer is the Publisher of content, for that is what people consume and that is where display ads appear.  So, how does a banner actually appear on a particular site?  

LUMA Partners publishes a view of the Display LUMAscape or how to get from A to B, replicated below.

  • It is clearly a complex world under the covers of deciding where to place an ad; in fact, humans don't decide.   
  • There doesn't seem to be much white space to create a new market.  The result is a mad scramble as the market consolidates into vertical or horizontal roll-ups.  See adexchanger for a list of changes since 2008. 

How would the picture look if we started from the Consumer on the left?  Would we then find market opportunities?  Traditionally, things like search sat between Consumer and Publisher.   But, what else could we do to improve the connection?

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