Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Value of Enrichment

Why augment your own data with 3rd party sources?

While transaction data is good, often it isn't enough to solve marketing problems.   Say you were a publisher of a number of magazines (in fact, as part of TC Media we are) and wanted to stimulate discussions with advertisers - what would you talk about?   While circulation and subscription figures are good for setting rates, they don't necessarily tell a story about who the audience is.

Imagine being able to talk about trend setters - the Urban Young (a Canadian Prizm group) - that are likely to be an attractive audience.  What do they read (if anything)?  What advertising recommendations would you make?

The following visualization combines 3rd party data to enrich the base subscription data and the ideas behind search clouds to provide a basis for conversation.  To read:  Size is the relative reach of the magazines based on total subscriptions while the color illustrates the penetration among a particular audience - red is higher.

The Urban Young:
  • Are interested in style as evidenced by niche titles that have high penetration (red)
  • Aren't really involved in mainstream publications (purple or blue titles)
So, a potential media strategy would be to use a number of publications to reach the desired audience.

Simple subscription data wouldn't spark such a conversation quite so quickly.  

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