Friday, December 09, 2011

Evolution of Search (Part 2)

How can we leverage our content in search? 

This week's presentation by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot on the Science of SEO confirmed that search is just a part of the marketing mix.  A synopsis of the key takeaways from the presentation:
  1. Search is not dead, but it is not the only game in town.
  2. Before they buy, they Google; so write for humans, not spiders
  3. Social takes a back seat to search and the conversation isn't going to help your rank
  4. Ranking well can make you seem more trustworthy
  5. Most people don't trust PPC ads and they don't admit to clicking on them
  6. Your site is listed next to spam; be distinguishable by experimenting with media
  7. Linkers work early and need fresh stuff to work with so focus on the timeliness, not buzzwords
So, what do these thoughts inspire:
  1. If you're telling people about a new or killer deal in one channel, make sure it is prominent in all
  2. Communicate the essence of the offer in bold, novel ways - particularly those that tap emotion
  3. A brand's site is necessary, but not sufficient; think of it as a launch pad not destination
  4. Social media is a stimulus, just like TV advertising - it points people in a direction
  5. Let your brand ambassadors know beforehand, give them time to share via links
  6. Analyze content based on RFM - recency, frequency, and monetary performance metrics
On the last point there should be publication goals that might appear to be quite aggressive - as in several times per week (if not day).   A recent study on the lifespan of the a link within social media suggested that its impact was measured in hours.

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