Friday, December 30, 2011

7 New Year's Resolutions for Marketers

What should we focus on in 2012?

The collection of New Year's resolutions for marketing are out.  Here' my summary as well as a list that I found interesting to consider.
  1. I will think strategically and focus on 'why' we will be successful, not just 'how.'
  2. I will know in advance what the objective is and how I'll know that it has been met or not. 
  3. I will go on a data diet and abolish vanity metrics. 
  4. I will tell stories and respect a consumers time when asking for something of value.  
  5. I will abandon militaristic language in favor of communal terms - e.g. lead vs. inquiry. 
  6. I will view media as a set of tools that integrate to support a seamless experience. 
  7. I will experiment because nobody has a silver bullet. 

Some sources:
  • South African marketer San Beckbessinger's list of 10 requests. 
  •'s discussion of the most personal device used.  
  • A guest post on Multichannel Merchant. 
  • Fast Company's 8 Bold Resolutions post
  • Hubspot's 12 resolutions for inbound marketing. 
  • Hugo Guzman's list for internet marketing. 

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