Saturday, May 28, 2011

15 Sources on How and Why to "Thank Customers"

Should you tell your customers "thank you"?

As part of our planning about how we can better help our clients our strategy guy Jeff put together a list of thoughts on the topic of how should a company say thank you.   Here it is.

Sprouter:  Why a Thank You program? It can beat a loyalty program.

LinkedIn:  "Marketing and Sales" Group Q&A

Customersrock: Thanking makes an impact

AML: 18 Ways to Thank Customers PDF

Jim Novo's thoughts on loyalty

Bizjournals: Shocked at companies that don't thank customers

Prime Performance: The power of thanks at banks

Green Industry Pros: Five Inexpensive Ways to Say Thank You

Traffic Builders: Thanking customers with a personal approach

Management Help: Onboarding new customers

Banking My Way: Banks are pushing referral programs

Amadeus: Including referral program in thank you program

Idle Air: Example of new customer referral offer as part of 'Thank You'

stylistbuzz: Sample of a simple new customer thank you card

Scrbd: Sample new customer welcome letter

Fedex: Sample welcome landing page

I'm sure there are many other sources and examples, please add your favorites....

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