Monday, February 05, 2007

Lombardi or Augie Trophy

Are the going to rename Superbowl the trophy?

It seems that the folks at Anheuser-Bush have the formula down pat; according to most polls this morning their spots ranked atop the Superbowl list. Different sites listed different ones as the 'best' --- "Classroom" which is all about getting the product name in the minds of the listener; "Rock Paper Scissors" sets up the audience for a laugh when one of the 'fellers' fighting over the last beer uses a real rock at the end of the challenge - although paper trumps rock in the game. "Crabs" worshiping a cooler on the beach didn't quite have the anthropomorphic punch line that I'd like to have seen.

Losers have to be King Pharmaceuticals for their strange "Heart" portrayal and GM for the suicidal "Robot." (Short Circuit it wasn't.)

The best part is that they're all over the Internet.

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