Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Implications of Implementing Analytics

Are there {un}intended consequences of being data-driven?

As analytics moves closer to what Bill Franks of Teradata recently described in a post on operational analtyics there are organizational changes looming on the horizon.   A couple of things come to mind:
  • Predicting the Future Creates the Future: If analytic output is implemented by the business then the creators need to share responsibility for success or failure.  This changes the "analysis as a service" model quite a bit.
  • Opportunities Will Be In-Market Before the Business Case is Written:  The emerging trend in all of science is to analyze the data to uncover new theories, whereas in the past we started with a hypothesis and then collected the data to test it. Analytic-driven discovery inverts the venerable command and control approval process.  Which leads to...
  • Results Trump Responsibilities:  This central tenet about rewarding value creation over resource control comes from accenture's blog discussing the twelve self-evident truths of being digital.  Proving an impact has more weight than claiming one.
This suggests that future line managers will come from the ranks of analysts.  

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