Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google Glass Specs and Marketing

What will it mean to be able to see digitally?

We are clearly getting closer to Geordi of Star Trek fame and becoming a cyborg as Amber Case suggests.  Google just released the specs of Google Glass, even my lap top doesn't compete.
25" HD screen from 8'
5 MP photos, 720p Video
WiFi and Bluetooth (but not 3g)
12 GB of memory

And this puts the concept of omni-channel retail on a new trajectory.   It is now an imperative that marketing ensures that the consumer experience is coordinated and there is no chance for cognitive dissonance.    Just imagine encountering a disjointed set of data or campaigns as you walk down the street.

This also requires a shift in thinking about the role of marketing communication.   Traditional advertising is about identifying where it might be appropriate to place a message (demo media buys anyone?).   These glasses suggest that context - both intent and ambient - are much more important to the decision as to what content to make available.

A whole new mental model needs to emerge.      

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