Friday, April 19, 2013

Customer Experience Milestones

When did common tools first appear on the scene?

Peppers and Rogers recently shared 'milestones in modern customer experience'

It starts with the telephone and winds up with the digital wallet.  The inventions can be broadly classed into a several of groups.
  • Those that focus on a company's reach, or market  - catalogs, contact centers and green stamps. 
  • Efficiency tools that found new uses - QR codes, Point of Sale, online check in and IVR.
  • Disruptive technology that created altogether new markets - personal computer, smartphone and iPad.
  • New concepts that changed how we communicate - wiki, Facebook, and to some degree Amazon.
No one has the crystal ball as to what will come next but some thoughts.

These are either tools or destinations -- what happens if we make information part of the experience itself?

These are content or information repositories - what happens if could infer intent from context?

Interesting times....

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