Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Requirements for Data-Driven Marketing

What requirements should you provide IT?

In the continuation of a series (the first one is here) on the thinking behind developing an architecture for a marketing services firm, this one focuses on the implications around data.  

Too often systems are designed around things and technology with data relegated to the plumbing layer or bottom of the stack.   However, in data-driven marketing there are at least 10 requirements that should drive the architecture.
  1. Bake-in performance management from the outset to deliver ROI metrics
  2. Calculate the impact of each interaction on decisions (conversion)
  3. Allow new channels, technologies, and businesses to be plugged in (and out)
  4. Rationalize campaign management across all forms of marketing in order to optimize spend across them
  5. Support seamless segmentation across PII and anonymous domains
  6. Support all stages of consumer journey (shopper/marketing)
  7. Develop a content typology that allows for creative optimization
  8. Design for a consumer dominated commerce process; demote channels to low importance
  9. Combine site-side, advertising and direct-to-consumer business models
  10. Provide unfettered and unfiltered access to the most granular data possible
I'm sure there are some variations, but these ten should give the architecture team enough to think about.  And if they aren't looking at the world thru a data lens, then they're not helping the business.

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