Monday, March 04, 2013

Three Data Issues of Omni-channel Marketing

What new issues does a seamless consumer experience present?

In mapping the consumer journey across touch points there are three specific data challenges to address.

First, as consumers move thru time and space some things are knowable and somethings aren't.   Email credentials provide both recognition and permission, browsing web sites provides segments at best, and the jury is still out about what happens in the store. Being able to seamlessly move data between those two worlds is uncharted territory.  

Second, the events that are logged as the result of interactions remain as different as night and day.  At one end of the spectrum is an ephemeral view at the other is sales history.   Being able to connect those dots presents challenges not usually found in either ad networks or data warehouses which have well-formed practices and assumptions.

Third, there is no one path; people choose their route each time.  Touch points need to record not only the event but also the surrounding context in order to allow downstream interactions to be more effective thru the application of business rules and/or models. 

All this flow has to happen in near real time.  So, guess I need to fill up another whiteboard...

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