Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Measuring the Consumer Journey

How do we deal with 'the rise of the digital omnivore"?

Back in December comScore released their manifesto for measurement and analytics in the "Brave New Digital World". 

The 10 points were written as a consequence of media fragmentation and more screens than we know how to count.  They are:
  1. All media - including TV - are going digital; measurement must follow the path
  2. Measurement must translate from pixels to people
  3. Multi-Platform measurement must integrate census-level digital data sources to deliver reporting at big data scale
  4. Holistic reporting should provide a unified, platform-agnostic view of consumer behavior
  5. Viewable impressions are the standard needed for true cross-media comparability
  6. Common metrics should be used to facilitate multi-platform planning and optimization
  7. Measurement of ad effectiveness should use metrics that matter, not just those that are easy to measure
  8. End-to-end advertising analytics should speak the same language
  9. Measurement must evolve towards real-time - and eventually predictive - analytics
  10. Data should have a common global framework, but provide local insight
Taking a step back, there is a clear implications in all of this for marketing.  We need to understand the path consumers take, how they come to a decision, and what influences exist along the way.  Only then can we surround them interesting content to facilitate choice.

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