Thursday, February 28, 2013

Planning for the Adobe Digital Summit

What do I expect to be doing next week?

Last year was my first time attending so this year I should have a better sense of what to expect.
  • By definition, the sessions will be very product centric.   Consultants will provide better context on the problems and solutions than product marketers.  So, I've skewed the sessions in that direction.
  • There will lots of future CMOs and senior marketers in attendance since in the not too distant future the adjective 'digital' will be dropped and this will just be marketing.  I'll be talking to as many as I can introduce myself to.
  • The discussions will be range from practical 'how do I implement evar' and the theoretical 'where is marketing headed?'.  I'm looking for something in between 'how can we migrate offline spend to digital and ensure a steady growth in sales?'
  • There are always off-the schedule meetings to be had.  This year I want to talk about accessing audiences across touch points, figuring out how content works in the customer experience, and leveraging transaction data re-targeting. 
And of course there are the evenings...more meetings.

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