Sunday, February 03, 2013

3 Rules for Presenting Analytics

How should we present the results of analyses?

Three rules to keep in your mind when sharing the results of analyses throughout the business and with clients in particular. 
  • First, admit it:  We don't have (nor can we get) all the answers.
  • Second, speak with conviction and as realistically as possible. Remember, this is not the time for hyperbole, beliefs or a vision of a new-world order. 
  • Third, gain a high-level understanding of the 'how' before sharing the 'what'.
When presenting any analysis based on data mining, digital exhaust, or raw transaction data it is helpful to literally go thru a set sequence to avoid disillusionment after the fog wears off and reality sets in.
  1. Define the business objective and what you trying to achieve   
  2. Outline the methods used to collect, manipulate and process the data.
  3. Articulate the limitations, assumptions, and known unknowns.
  4. Show the key results of the analysis, backed up by an appendix of details.
  5. Discuss the business implications as well as ways to improve the measurement plan itself.
These will help you prevent Garbage In; Gospel Out.

The corollary to this: unless you understand how the results were prepared and the attending limitations don't present them.

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