Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Segment Based on How Consumers Choose Too

How do retailers segment their customers?

The National Retail Federation and KPMG do an annual benchmark study on retailing.   In this year's edition there is discussion of how firms segment their customers.  Here's a summary chart.
It is good to see all the usual suspects, starting with a consumer's transaction history and her preferences.   But in this day and age of channel blur, infinite paths to purchase, and self-expression there appear to be additional opportunities to better understand how consumers choose not just what they chose.
  • What touchpoints are used? In what sequence? For what purpose?
  • What types of content are consumed?
  • What media crosses their path, when?
Since satisfying growth objectives requires finding new ways to efficiently and effectively reach consumers,  we might want to consider focusing our segmentation thinking outward on the digital bread crumbs. 

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