Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stellar Customer Service

Who has earned my respect and business?

Recently I had the opportunity to call customer service for two products at either end of the price continuum.

Bison Designs - these folks make belts using webbing and plastic buckles. I've had a couple because they are perfect for travel - don't have to remove for security, pack lite, and go with everything. The plastic buckle on one broke and after checking REI and other outdoor shops for a replacement buckle we called them. They said - 'send it in and we'll fix it.' Great for a $12 belt bought several years ago.

Weber Grills - recently redeemed a bunch of miles for a new gas grill (don't miss the road warrior lifestyle). It came with white glove service etc. and it was on the deck; the first night the wind literally blew the doors off. Seems a plastic guard that looked like trim should have been removed. A call to customer service resulted in two brand doors sent over-night. Then they sent me more powerful magnets to make sure the doors stayed shut.

Both have earned my respect for going beyond my expectations.

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