Thursday, May 03, 2007

Marketing Defined

Should 'testing' be part of the vocabulary?

Marketing Experiments' recent article on email copy and the book "Selling Blue Elephants" both loosely define marketing as testing.

Marketing's creative mandate to change the status quo has always involved experimenting and sometimes even taking a flier but more recently that concept needs to be backed up with a show me the money attitude.

The article covers a variety issues around email copy ranging from format to natural vs. artificial offers.

For those with a market research background, the book covers the use of 'conjoint analysis' as a discipline for concept testing. Basically, let technology do all the heavy lifting around which combinations of ideas to test and how they perform together. There are lots of examples across all kinds of industries and marketing issues; like magazine layout, package design and politics. Although the term "RDE" (Rule Developing Experimentation) didn't quite sit well with me.

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