Monday, May 14, 2007

Lost in Transposition

Why don't these numbers add up?

The recent issue of Revenue Magazine has an article on fund raising for presidential elections. A number of the stats come from the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet.

One slightly confusing table in both sources is the breakdown of online vs. offline donations, by amount, by age group. So, we have three sources of information but only two are shown in the chart.

Were 87% of the <$100 donors under 35? Nope.
Did 87% of the 18-34 crowd give <$100. Nope.

Of those who gave less than $100 and were between 18 and 34, 87% donated online.

The communication of information on the web has about 2.0 seconds to register. This example takes to long to register and runs the risk of being misquoted.

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