Friday, January 25, 2013

The Real Level of e-flyer Usage

What's wrong with omitting an adverb?

In an interesting article about digital promotions, and eflyers in particular, there is this sentence:
E- flyers, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as popular. Only six per cent of Canadians use them, according to a 2011 KubasPrimedia poll.
The comparison is to the overall readership among Canadians - which is near saturation levels at 75% plus depending on source.   If three-out-four read weekly flyers, does it make sense that less than 1 in 10 use the digital equivalent?  Particularly in the age of smartphones and tablets.

Looking for the original report from Kubas I ran across this comparison of print to eflyers which contains this bullet point:
  • A relatively small number, 6%, use e-flyers exclusively.
Sound familiar? The key is that last word.

In the Kubas report the usage of flyers is reported in a nice graph.
This looks like 62% of the measured audience uses e-flyers - or 10x what the Canadian Grocer article states.   I'm sure that difference matters to marketers and merchandisers. 
  • Since there is little incremental reach, the role of the digital promotions is not a pure acquisition play; it reinforces the brand.
  • The form factor for the delivery of promotional content in page form is still "OK" for the moment.  Although, the article does list out some interesting trends - aggregation across retailers, personalization and repurposing.
  • Cross-channel marketing and consistently delivering the content along the shopping journey matters.
So, check the source of those claims...

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