Monday, October 15, 2012

DMA 2012 Overview

What's in store this year in Las Vegas?

The tag line for the 3-day annual conference is: big data, customer engagement and marketing accountability. The nine tracks give a sense of how the direct marketing association views the world. Here's a snapshot of the sessions starting today.
  • Aquisition and Lead Generation - although in this day and age where consumers have more control the idea that we are "leads" doesn't seem to strike the right balance.
  • Brand Content and Social Marketing - still unchartered territory for most of us, particularly in terms of connecting all the dots.
  • Creative and Production - a focus on both the online and offline worlds to ensure a consistent and seamless message.
  • Cross-channel Strategy - asking us to rethink the design of campaigns in the light of channel blur.
  • Data, Measurement and Attribution - focused on the changing velocity, volume and variety of data. Hope the sessions shed light on dark data.
  • Direct and Digital Fundamentals - it wasn't too long ago that the DMA had the Interactive Pavillion in a separate hall on the other side of a dark tunnel in San Francisco. Glad to seem them merge.
  • Connected Customer Straregy - all things mobile. As the new, personal decision support platform the path to purchase is getting interesting.
  • Real-time and Triggered Marketing - clearly need to rethink the role and place for analytics. No longer are they projects done by the folks in the back room; they embedded into marketing operations.
  • Retention and Loyalty - given that 40-70% of customers never repeat this topic should foster loyalty among attendees.
Looking forward to learning what others are thinking. I'll be posting more throughout the conference.

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