Thursday, May 31, 2012

Re-Imagining: Lessons for Marketing

What does the future hold?

A recent presentation by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins on Internet Trends has (at least) two major implications for marketers and publishers.

First, the good and bad news regarding mobile.   The opportunity and head room for growth remains huge but the ad revenues are depressed.   The cost per thousand is five times lower on mobile devices than it is on desktop.  If this gap is in part a function of performance, then there is additional pressure on both existing and new businesses in terms of growth and financial expectations. 

Second, the expansive list of ways that things are re-imagined.   From coupons to jobs, she offers over 50 examples of re-imagining the world in light of digital/web technology.  Some common themes:
  • Self-service leads to self-expression.   The nature of the digital business models is to allow consumers to do the work.  An unintended consequence is that sharing of personal things takes precedence over the paid placement of a message.
  • Device trumps channel.   The experience of consuming content overshadows the means by which it is delivered.   The plug-and-play nature of the technology means that consumers will be able to naturally follow their interests.  Any channel related roadblocks will lead to frustration. 

At 112 slides, worth every second of walking thru it....

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