Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Marketers as Parents

What do we need to believe in to be successful?

The speed at which information flows and consumers use it and discard it is daunting from a traditional planning cycle.   The typical linear approach of Plan - Execute - Track runs causes us problems - by the time we assess and make recommendations the world has changed and passed us by. 

As a simple example of this speed, consider the half-life of a link to content:  50% of the clicks it will ever receive occur within hours of its posting.   There simply isn't time to go back and adjust; there is only time to move forward.   In fact a recent DMA presentation it was reported that now about half of all marketers track performance during execution as opposed to after the campaign runs.

This suggests that we need to think in terms of Track - Execute - Adapt

And to do that without creating total chaos in the business we need to be sure of a few key things:
  1. Be clear about our brand promise as this creates the guiding principle for working in such uncertainty
  2. Be clear about the objective we are trying to achieve and what is really important
  3. Be patient during the learning cycle and be accepting of false starts and missteps
  4. Be trusting of our data and technology teams that they can translate digital footprints into intent
Sounds a bit like being a parent as we let go...

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