Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Understanding How Content Works

What should we be asking ourselves?

With the rise of sharing and interactive communications, there is an opportunity for someone to step in and make the claim: "We know how content works."

The questions that need answers include:
  • How should the impact of content be assessed?
  • Is there a categorization scheme that makes it easier to assess and report on content?
  • What content attributes affect choices and decisions?
  • How do content types map to engagement and transactions?
  • How do people consume content - by device, location and intent?
  • What types of content accelerate the path to purchase?
  • What are the relevant content consumption segments?
Plus a couple on who is doing it well today:
  • Is this a client side activity or vendor/agency/publisher opportunity?
  • What firms are actively pursuing the answers?

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