Saturday, March 03, 2012

Analytic and Artisanal Marketing

Where should we focus in order to grow?

In an excerpt from "Grow", former P&G marketing leader Jim Stengel talks about what makes a brand enduring over the long-term. They focus on an 'ideal' or more simply put: what a company does to improve the lives of its customers. 

To create those brands requires an artistic temperament that understands that success is not only measured in operational terms but also in terms of quality of life.  In an interview on co.create he states "Certainly we have to measure the volume and the sales and the margin and cash, etc. Those are table stakes."

Thus, it seems that marketing not only needs to be at least a co-owner of the vision and passion it also needs to report on the organization's progress of achieving it in the minds' of consumers.   

This will definitely a new set of metrics that are not found in transaction data.

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