Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recent Retail Trends

What is happening in CMO's planning room?

In this post, the focus is on retail; some recent conclusions, trends and factoids.     Not only does the concept of channel continue to erode as companies focus on satisfying the consumer through out the entire process but the blending of budgets is likely to accelerate. 

  • Shopper Marketing – influence at the time of purchase – gaining exposure and budget, at the expense of paid media and other promotions.  Booz & Company  The point of purchase is a moving target. 
  • Online research increases satisfaction for kitchen appliances.    JD Power via MediaPost.  
  • "emotions account for more than half of the typical consumer experience" - in article on the demise of Customer Experience Management because mgt doesn't get it.   From Marketing Daily
  • "Off is the new On" -  "the online world is now completely accessible even when ‘offline’ (that is, away from any kind of online device that is too clunky to be used on the go). For consumers, this is a cause for celebration: because while they want (if not crave) to be online 24/7 (ONLINE OXYGEN), they still prefer to live in the world of warm bodies rather than cyberspace (please re-read MASS MINGLING)."   From TrendWatching.      Good stats in the September briefing. 
  • Retail trends in a long preso on slideshare from Noesis.  
  • In the not too early to be thinking category – mobile trends for 2011 holiday shopping.   Estimated that 44% of last minute searches will be on a mobile device.   From Online Image
  • Cross-functional, integrated and experience – the three trends in Q4 from serial CMO Lisa Arthur in Forbes

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