Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cross-Channel and Multichannel: Are they different?

Should we publish or facilitate a path?

There seems to be a distinction between multichannel and cross-channel, at least in terms of vendor and industry analyst points of view.   There is the Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management from Gartner and the Trends in Cross-Channel Campaign Management from Forrester. They both talk about a common set of vendors. 

There is another possible distinction, that might be useful: publication versus path.
  • Multichannel can be thought of in publishing sense - the same, or coordinated, content is distributed simultaneously across appropriate outlets.
  • Cross-Channel can be thought of as the sequence of touch points as consumer traverses their path to purchase. 
Although I'm beginning to think that the concept of 'channel' itself is limiting.  In its place, the ideas of 'surround with interest' and 'facilitate choice' are emerging as the focus of planning exercises.  

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