Monday, March 29, 2010

Education and B2B

How do these industries relate to one another?

On one hand we have admissions directors working to help a number of applicants through the process.   On the other we have enterprise technology sales folks trying to help a number of prospects through the process.  While not usually put together in the same sentence, there are some striking common elements from a marketing point of view.
  1. Both decisions are complex and require a significant amount of work to reduce risk
  2. Both situations result in the need to provide substantive amounts of content
  3. Both types of organizations want to establish thought leadership and a quality reputation
  4. Both sets of buyers exist in a built-in social network where recommendations and influence abound
It seems that each industry can learn from the other; particularly from content marketing.  

In the end, both segments require the distribution high-value content to high-value contacts.  

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