Sunday, December 02, 2012

2013 Trend Season Has Begun

What's on the horizon?

'Tis the season to start publishing trends for next year.

The first set is from trendwatching, a global trend spotting organization.  Three of note:
  • Data Myning: the reversal of data ownership from businesses to the individual consumer.  The challenge for marketers will be to find the right balance between anticipating needs and watching. 
  • Full Frontal: changing the mind set from saying 'we have nothing to hide' to proving it.  The discussion needs to move toward permitted use and governance and away from privacy.
  • MobileMoments: using digital snacks to maximize experiences.  Apps like 'snapchat' allow images to be shared for seconds before self destructing.  The half-life of interest just got shorter.
And those macro trends seem to be wrapped up in content trends from D Custom, an agency out of Dallas.  Summarizing, content will be...
  • Tailored to the Consumer - I want what I want, not what you want to send all of us.
  • Placed above the Channel - I am a cyborg, my life is more social and rich because of seamless mobile interactions.
  • About the Experience, not the Word - I can dedicate all my senses for a brief moment of time, so please stimulate them
Other sources reflect the same theme of experimentation to get it right; some with examples of technology rather than exploring the trend itself, others focused on key marketing disciplines.
  • EBrkiks Infotech's slideshare on digital trends.
  • From a brand marketing perspective, Brand Strategy offers this view
  • It's back to basics; less tricks as control continues to shift toward consumer. 

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