Monday, December 28, 2009

The Catch-22 of Education Marketing

How do we raise the value of a degree?

The successful marketing of education relies on understanding the interplay of three different elements.
  1. Prospect - the quality(ies) of the applicant pool entering the school
  2. Program - the curriculum, both classroom and the intangibles
  3. Placement - the odds of getting that dream job

The sweet spot occurs at the intersection of these three Ps. Yet a Catch-22 exists in the development of an educational institution: The best employers won't target a school unless it has the best job applicants and the best college candidates won't consider a school if the best employers don't target graduates.

The glue is the "Program" - the skills, knowledge and experiences gained along the way to a degree. Balancing what students want and what employers need (as well as what researchers pursue) is the ultimate, long-term job of a marketer.

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