Friday, June 19, 2009

10 Marketing Disciplines Defined

How do we describe what we do at a party?

Sometimes I need a simple way to explain what I do. So, here's my list of definitions for marketing that usually work:
  1. Marketing: aligning solutions and needs to everyone's mutual benefit
  2. Outbound Marketing: getting seen, heard and hopefully some attention
  3. Inbound Marketing: getting found through different and unusual places
  4. Content Marketing: sharing what you know and have to help people make decisions
  5. Social Marketing: leveraging human interactions to convey a message
  6. Search Marketing: increasing the odds of being in a prominent position when people look
  7. Email Marketing: saying or offering something of value to those interested in hearing from you
  8. Direct Marketing: targeting a single individual in the hopes of eliciting a response
  9. Affiliate Marketing: encouraging and rewarding others to market to their audience
  10. Inline Marketing: leveraging media in ways that meet customer/prospect expectations
I'm sure there are many more. Got one to add? Drop me a note.


Anonymous said...

This is so simple and easy to understand! Nice work!

Ingrid said...

Oh yes! Nicely done. :)

- Ingrid