Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Posting of Tweetbites

How can we push a single thought to twitter?

Sometimes when we write stories, articles of blog posts we come up with a simple phrase that captures the essence of our thinking. (it wasn't the previous one.) Maybe it's a headline, a bullet or a summary. It would be nice to tweet that text with a link to the source. So, here's a test of the idea worked up with someone I work with - LJ Jones, @streamingsocial from (no surprise)

  • Maybe this is a profound thought that should be tweeted. Tweet Bite
  • Tweetbite pushes a bullet to your status. Tweet Bite
(The first tweetbite references this blog, the second references

The rest of copy is a long-winded story; or better yet, an in-depth analysis of the point being made. There are lots of ways this could be used and made more useful.

Note: this is in exploratory, test mode, so may break someday or be rewritten. Right now. the tweetbite generator takes as input the text and the source url to create a link in the above icon.

I can think of different things - like right-clicking a highlighted chunk of text and see 'Tweetbite'.

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