Friday, February 01, 2008


What is the new idea?

The acquisition of Yahoo! by Microsoft for something north of $44 billion raises a set of interesting questions.
  • Just what does the combined firm offer?
  • Will the uniqueness of the brands be erased in the cause of economies of scale?
  • Will people be forced to reorder their thinking?

The rational logical arguments is easy - combine two top 5 destinations and dominate display advertising.

Power Points on how I'd think about the opportunity; nobody is asking but here goes:
  1. Establish Google as the 'evil empire' -- as the world's largest travel agency they don't really provide much in the way of given me a reason to hang around. MShoo! gives you what you want - right here on the page, content.
  2. Own online branding - pay-per-click advertising is great for transactions and affiliates, but if you want to establish a brand you need to focus on awareness and interest, preferably using humor or entertainment to cut through the clutter. As we know, display advertising can't hold a candle to ppc in terms of efficiency; so blow it out and go where text can't.

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